Advertise in the Sidewalk

The Sidewalk is the quarterly magazine published by the Beaverdale Neighborhood Association. Each issue is direct mailed to over 5000 homes and businesses in Beaverdale and is the only publication that reaches the entire neighborhood.  See prior issues here:

If you’re interested in advertising your business or are willing to volunteer your time/talent to provide articles or photos, please contact Kate McGovern at 515-577-2084 or

NEW 2022 Advertising Rates & Sizes

Premium Ads Prices

  • Inside Front Cover, Full Page $1000 8.500w x 11.00h
  • Inside Back Cover, Full Page $900 8.500w x 11.00h
  • Center Spread, Full Pages $1400 17.00w x 11.00h
  • Full Page Content Sponsor* $675

**See standard sizes Contributed content must follow BNA Board specified guidelines. Content of article, ad and any photos not to exceed a full page .

Standard Ads Price

  • 1/1 Full Page $900 8.000w x 10.500h
  • 1/2 Page Horizontal $500 8.000w x 5.188h
  • 1/2 Page Vertical $500 3.938w x 10.500h
  • 1/4 Page Vertical $275 3.938w x 5.188h
  • 1/8 Page Horizontal $150 3.938w x 2.563h