BNA Board

The BNA is led by an 13-member board, the members of which meet monthly and are elected for two-year terms. The Board works closely with several committees to accomplish the goals of the association. The Monthly Board meeting is normally held at 7p.m. the first Thursday of the month at Ibson Law Firm 2629 Beaver Ave. Board members also attend the Annual Board meeting.

Meeting Minutes

BNA Officers & Board Members

Marcus Coenen
Vice President
Chris Friest
Jay Kozel
Brent Millis
Board Member
Dave Busiek
Board Member
Edward Fishman
Board Member
Therese Herold
Board Member  
Tom LaPointe
Board Member
Nicholas Mertes
Board Member
Vanessa Phelan
Board Member
Adam Plagge
Board Member
Kate Ross
Board Member  
Kylie Spies