Public Affairs Committee Minutes - January 17,2024

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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

In Attendance
Kevin Moser, Isaac Lafleur, Mike McCarthy, Francis Boggus, Bill Gray
Items Discussed
? February Quarterly Meeting
? BNA Instagram
? Trail Cleanup
? Business Open House
? February PA Committee Meeting
February Quarterly Meeting 2/6
Board elections will occur at the February Quarterly Meeting. We discussed our options for speakers for the meeting. Bill
Gray will be asking Mayor Boesen to give her first presentation to the BNA. Bill also offered to contact someone from
Public Works to come and discuss plowing and snow removal. As a backup, Chris Coleman can give us a Ward 1 update.
Isaac will begin planning what type of content we will post on our newly rediscovered Instagram page. He’s also going to
formulate some policies around what type of content we are posting and guidelines for how this could be used.
Trail Cleanup
The group further discussed a trail cleanup. We agreed there is no interest in formally adopting a trail but there is
interest in doing one annual cleanup event in the neighborhood. Tentatively we are looking at the gap we have between
the Easter Egg Hunt and National Night Out. Kevin agreed to take the lead on organizing this and will coordinate with
Polk County Conservation, Parks and Rec, and the city.
Business Open House
Further discussed the potential Business Open House for Beaverdale and what that would look like.
February PA Committee Meeting
Next month’s meeting will be at the Beaver Tap
The BNA recognizes the importance of allowing members to express themselves on matters of community interest. All discussions are to be relevant to
the issue and respectfully presented with civility, kindness, dignity and good taste, in turn, andfree of interruptions.

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