Public Affairs Committee Minutes 2-21-24

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Saturday, February 24, 2024

In Attendance

Don Piper, Kevin Moser, Brent Millis, Dave Busiek, Isaac Lafleur, Mike McCarthy, Josh Nelson, Bill Gray, Sasha Kamper

Items Discussed

Instagram account

Trail Cleanup

Beaverdale Business Open House

Easter Egg Hunt 3/23

Mega SCRUB 5/18

National Night Out 8/6


Instagram Account

There is an Instagram account that has the BNA logo as it’s thumbnail and Josh Nelson has been trying to find the owner. Appears no one knows who created/owns the account. Josh is going to work on creating a new account that BNA can then use. The new account will possibly be set up next month (March).

Trail Cleanup

We have been in contact with the City of Des Moines to clean up the bike trail on Urbandale Ave between 30th St and MLK Parkway. This will be a one-time event cleanup and is scheduled for the morning of June 8th. This is also the day the Beautification Committee has a Scavenger Hunt for Tree Carvings. Our hope is to have folks volunteer in the morning for cleanup and then enjoy the afternoon at the Scavenger Hunt. 

Beaverdale Business Open House

We have discussed previously having an evening where Beaverdale businesses would stay open later and the evening would be promoted and PA would work with businesses for discounts/gift certificates. This is still something we would love to do but it is going to be tabled for now. It may be something we do in the fall.

Easter Egg Hunt

We are helping with volunteers for the Easter Hunt on March 23rd at Beaverdale Park (3333 Adams Avenue). The event starts at 10 AM. There are two Egg Stuffing dates scheduled prior to the 23rd so all the plastic eggs are ready to go in advance.

Easter Egg Stuffing @ Westminster Presbyterian Church (corner of Beaver & Franklin):  March 12th@ 6:30pm & March 16th @ 1pm

Setup for the Easter Egg Hunt itself Beaverdale Park (3333 Adams Ave.):  8:15am on March 23rd.


Please reach out to Sasha Kamper if you can help with egg stuffing or day of.


The City of Des Moines has annual SCRUB (Spring Cleanup to Reduce Urban Blight) dates and we always help with the one at Polk County River Place (2309 Euclid Ave). The date for that SCRUB is May 18th. We partner with other neighborhood associations (Lower Beaver, River Bend, …) to provide volunteers. To help insure this event runs efficiently, Brent Millis and Bill Gray are reaching out to the other neighborhood associations so we can have a meeting in advance. In the past volunteers show up and there is a bit of confusion on duties and drop off locations. Ideally, we’d like to have a city resource at that meeting.

National Night Out

This years NNO will be Aug 8th. Brent Millis has reached out to the City of Des Moines to see if this event would be impacted this year with the planned work at the 41st/Beaver intersection. That work will not impact us this year but will in 2025. We will plan to use the same location this year but may need to use another location in Aug 2025.

The March Public Affairs meeting will be March 27th from 5:30-6:30 PM at The Dam Pub.

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