Public Affairs Committee Minutes 10-18-2023

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Saturday, October 28, 2023

In Attendance

Don Piper, Kevin Moser, Brent Millis, Cindy Smith, Hollie Smith, Francis Boggus, Dave Busiek, Isaac Lafleur, Mike McCarthy

Items Discussed

December Quarterly Meeting

Mayoral candidate forum on 10/16


December Quarterly Meeting

We have moved our November 7th Quarterly Meeting to Tuesday December 5th due to election day. Currently BNA has the date of Tue November 7th for our last 2023 Quarterly meeting.

For topics we have the following:

  • Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald to discuss voting changes – (Dave Busiek confirmed)
  • Have an update on Holiday Happenings in Beaverdale
  • Diana Sickles wishes to discuss lead pipes in older homes. She provided some further details:
    • “I have been working on this for 2 years. I have met with the City Council, DMWW, Board of Supervisors, Polk County Health Department, IDPH, Broadlawns Medical Center Board of Trustees and President Dr. Anthony Coleman and others. Attached is a letter I sent after asking the mayoral candidates about this issue”

Because Des Moines Waterworks has been addressing lead pipes in homes, we felt it would be best if a representative from DSM WW could also attend. The person that Diana Sickles has been working with (Melissa Walker) is not available and we are waiting to see if someone else from Waterworks can attend.


Mayoral candidate forum

  • On 10/16 the Lower Beaverdale Neighborhood Association held a mayoral candidate forum at Debra Heights Wesleyan Church (4025 Lower Beaver Rd.). Two of the four candidates appeared (Connie Boesen and Josh Mandelbaum) and participated in an hour forum where they answered pre-submitted questions. We (Public Affairs) assisted by reviewing questions beforehand and helping with the 1-minute timeline each candidate was given to provided answers. Merle Hay Neighborhood Association also helped with these duties.
  • We estimated about 35 people attended. WHO 13 and WOI 5 were on hand so the event did get some local evening news coverage.
  • LNBA has two more forums scheduled (School Board 10/23 and Ward 1 City Council 11/6) and they will again ask for assistance from neighboring associations.

Additional items

  • Dave Busiek mentioned he sent a list of volunteers from BNA memberships to PA. Don Piper confirmed he has it.
  • Don Piper asked Dave Busiek (representing Board) if there has been any further information on redoing the Public Affairs by-laws. Dave indicated he will follow up
  • There were discussions on how we can promote items via social media better. Sounds like we may have some new members that have expertise in that area.
  • Public Affairs has nothing scheduled until Easter Egg Hunt. If there are pressing items that we should jump on please let the committee know!

Next meeting is November 15th at 5:30 PM. Restaurant TBD. 

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