New Intersection Plans for 41st and Beaver

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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Plans to redesign the intersection of 41st Street and Beaver Avenue are aimed to make it safer, but perhaps at the cost of a bar and grill at the corner.

Des Moines Axios reports the city plans to redesign the intersection.  Northbound traffic on 41st Street has a tricky time pulling onto Beaver because of the angle, as well as trying to guess if southbound traffic on Beaver will continue straight onto 41st Street, or turn left at the Beaver Band.  Plans are to turn it into a T-intersection.  But those plans might force the removal of Players Sports Bar and Grill.  

The Iowa Department of Transportation rates the intersection as having a "high" potential for crash reduction with a new design.  

The Des Moines city council approved plans to begin acquiring private property to accomodate the improvements. Cost for the new intersection is not yet known.

The redesign plans would also make it safer for pedestrians walking to Snookie's Malt Shop and the Price Chopper grocery store.

Read details here from Axios Des Moines.


New Intersection Plans for 41st and Beaver
Elizabeth McKinney on July 19, 2023 at 6:45 pm said:
I live on Northwest Drive and intersection of Sani. The traffic already bypasses the intersection by using Northwest Drive. Question if a traffic counter has been done during a "average" day and when during occasions when Beaver Ave. is either closed or under restricted flow? We already have Beer truck traffic from Beaver to 41st street, bread trucks, water trucks as well as normal Fed X, UPS, and Amazon. The traffic light is going to be moved from Franklin to the new intersection is it not? During the construction where will the detours be located?
There appears to be many issues not resolved if not considered.
I look forward to your consideration and response particularly since our district has no representation at the city council.
Thank you
Elizabeth McKinney
New Intersection Plans for 41st and Beaver
Susan Denton on June 13, 2023 at 1:35 pm said:
I think there would be a simpler less costly solution such as adding or relocating the stop light at the intersection. As designed it does not look like it would solve the perceived problem and could be very costly. I would hate to see Players Sports Bar removed.

If you move the intersection you still need to split in turn lanes for traffic to enter Beaver Avenue. Also the cost should be identified before proceeding with any part of the plan.

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