BNA Calls on City Councilmember to Resign

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Monday, July 17, 2023

The Beaverdale Neighborhood Association Monday night called on Ward 1 city councilmember Indira Sheumaker to resign from the council.

BNA President Marcus Coenen appeared before the city council to deliver a statement from the BNA Board of Directors. Councilmember Sheumaker was not present at the regular city council meeting.  She has not attended any city meetings since March 6th. The city says there have been no communications from Sheumaker as to the reason for her extended absence. 

BNA President Coenen addressed his comments at the city council meeting to the empty chair where Sheumaker would sit were she present. 

Coenen said, "At the beginning of your term you took a personal oath of office in these chambers that you 'swear to be a voice for the people in their interest, and in their needs when the people are otherwise silenced or ignored. (You) swear to be accountable, transparent and to actively seek out and execute the will of the people.'"

Coenen continued, "The Beaverdale Neighborhood Association is concerned that your lack of participation in any city meetings for the past four months has impacted the residents of Beaverdale and Ward 1 by not furthering their interests and needs through the work you were elected to do. You have not acted in accordance with the oath you took to be accoutable and transparent and you have effectively silenced and ignored ALL residents of Ward 1."

"We feel the residents of Beaverdale and Ward 1 deserve a voice on this City Council. Councilmember Sheumaker, please consider the oath you made to the people of Ward 1 and determine if you can still execute that oath. If not, please resign so the residents of Ward 1 can have a voice on this council."

Coenen tried reaching out privately to Sheumaker last week before going public with the statement to determine the reasons for her extended absence. Sheumaker did not return phone and text messages.

Sheumaker was elected Ward 1 councilmember in November of 2021. She began serving her four-year term in January, 2022. Her term expires in January 2026.

City of Des Moines officials confirm that Sheumaker has continued receiving a salary, medical and dental benefits, a weekly stipend, and IPERS retirement contributions.

KCCI-TV reported the BNA joins others on the northwest side of Des Moines who feel something should be done about their absent councilmember.

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