BNA Board Minutes 9-7-23

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Friday, October 20, 2023

Board of Directors Minutes

September 7, 2023

Location: Fishman Law Firm


  1. Call to Order at 7:00 pm – Dave Busiek
  2. Attendance:
    1. Officers: Vice President Dave Busiek, Treasurer Jay Cox-Kozel, Secretary Nicholas Mertes
    2. Board: Eddie Fishman, Kylie Spies, Adam Plagge, Missy Reams, Chris Friest
    3. Guests: Don Piper, Mike McCarthy, Josh Nelson (Public Affairs committee); Tom LaPointe
  3. Approval of Agenda: Motion arried.
  4. August meeting minutes: Motion carried after discussion of $200 allocation to Booverdale Halloween event.
  5. Treasurer’s Report and monthly financials: motion carried/approved.
    1. July/August solid with funds from Bluegrass and increase in membership.
    2. $400 donation from BNA member and former board member Tom LaPointe. $225 allocated to gift cards for membership drive.
    3. Discussion on handling surplus cash. Not enough for CD, but discussed high yield savings account.
    4. Bluegrass Festival- in order to book quality bands, need to be able to act early, prior to locking in grants, sponsorships, and other funding. Committee requests $5k allocation for early spend. Motion carried.
  6. Public Comment: Tom LaPointe led discussion on idea to put money back into the community- explore partnership with local school(s) to offer a modest scholarship.
    1. Tom will lead a committee to review feasibility. Adam and Missy will join.
  7. Discussion on BNA-Public Affairs Committee relationship led by Don Piper. How can BNA and PA better communicate and coordinate efforts? Preference to have BNA board member on PA committee (or vice versa if necessary). Also looking for more BNA board member volunteers for PA events when possible.
    1. PA meets 5:30-6:30, 3rd Wednesday each month at a local restaurant (rotating)
    2. Volunteer spreadsheet can be pulled easily from website to help drive additional volunteers.
    3. Also need to update Public Affairs charter language, Don will provide sample wording/updates to align with practice.
  8. Upcoming events
    1. September 18th  noon-1 – Whitmer Park dedication
    2. September 15th and 16th - Beaverdale Fall Festival – need volunteers for BNA tent set up, tear down, and staffing. Dave will create sign up sheet online and share.
  1. Discussed merchandise including mugs, pint glasses, and legacy shirts (clearance). New shirts available via QR code link to Raygun site.
  2. Proposed ordering an inventory of new shirts for BNA booth- decided timing too tight for this year but discuss in early summer 2024 for next year.
    1. October 14th - Community table at Franklin Library – TBD
    2. Booverdale – Tentative date October 26th. Therese leading this effort.
  1. Neighborhood survey update – Kylie Spies
    1. 245 responses received thus far, will leave open through Sept. 10th.
    2. Next steps- analyze data, coordinate “data walk” – a community listening/learning opportunity. Ideally at a BNA quarterly meeting.
    3. Kylie will present initial results at October board meeting
  2. Other business
    1. Karla Rangel – add to BNA email
    2. Derek Self – confirm he is still interested in serving on board
    3. Inter Urban Trail plaque stolen. Shared on social media, Dave checking on replacement cost.
    4. Sidewalk – need content
    5. BNA docs and assorted materials at Cece’s office- Nick will pick up and move to storage unit.
    6. Holiday Happenings scheduled for December 2nd.
  3. Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

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