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Monday, November 20, 2023

Board of Directors Minutes

October 5, 2023

Location: Fishman Law Firm


In attendance:

Officers: President Marcus Coenen, Treasurer Jay Cox-Kozel, Secretary Nicholas Mertes

Board: Eddie Fishman, Kylie Spies, Adam Plagge, Missy Reams, Chris Friest, Therese Herold, Derek Self,

Guests: Craig Vandeventer, Rob Barron


  1. Call to Order at 7:00 pm – Marcus Coenen
  2. Approval of Agenda: Add sidewalk discussion, Motion carried.
  • Consider appointment of Craig Vandeventer to BNA Board of Directors. Recommend stand for election in February. Motion Carried.
  1. Approval of September meeting minutes: Motion carried
  2. Treasurer’s Report and monthly financials: motion carried/approved.
    1. Finances in solid shape, merchandise sales and membership improved.
  3. Public Comment: None
  • Discussion of investment options for surplus assets
    1. Short and medium term allocation of excess assets can be structured to provide better returns than available in checking account.
    2. Funds will be allocated per attached proposal, laddering Schwab CDs quarterly.
  • Discussion of surplus spending options
    1. Ideas include scholarship, Beaverdale Park donation, mural upkeep/repair, Beaver Ave amenities (furniture, trash cans, etc.), Tree lights (solar), Art Bus Shelter.
    2. Scholarship option may be onerous to administer. Craig V will research option to donate to existing program at Hoover High School.
    3. Could also donate to clothing drives, school supplies, holiday programs
  1. 2024 Budget schedule
    1. Jay will need budget estimates by November for vote on proposed budget in January.
  2. Booverdale Trick or Treat update
    1. Therese shared that planning is going well, event scheduled for Oct 26th 4-6PM. Therese is coordinating businesses, candy and marketing.
  3. Holiday Happenings update – December 2nd
    1. Kate would like to get Facebook post up soon. No shop hop this year. We will have Santa (Tom and Mike coordinating), a tree lighting event (Adam/Chris) at the “Ace alcove” at approx 5-5:30, Bike tour, and Bar/Restaurant Hop (Jay/Nick).
  • Other business
    1. Sidewalk- need more info on deadlines for content
    2. Beaverdale Bluegrass- partnering with Fall Festival to share point of sale system, in return BNA can share tables/chairs, storage as needed.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm.

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