Beautification Committee Minutes 5-17-2022

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Beaverdale Beautification Committee meeting 5/17/22


Attending: Nancy Dunbar, Mary Ellen Burr, Jean Swanson, John Waters, Marion Wissler, Terry Thielen, Sasha Kamper


PARKS:  Ashby: Toni and Nancy helped city workers plant little blue stem and nepeta in curb bed today.  Also did some transplanting in other flower beds.  City workers watered and will mulch curb bed.  Beaverdale: annuals planted in sign bed by Toni, John, Donisue and Nancy, city workers had weeded it  Westchester: pruned the roses and planted annuals.  Witmer: park dedication scheduled for June 23 at noon.


TREES:  Nancy  and Terry will water memorial trees including Tom Vlassis, Mary Lou Bradley.  Nancy has buckets. Neighbors are taking care of Marv’s.  Shane asked about watering a tree west of 47th.  Sasha will scout for a spot to plant a memorial tree for her dad in Ashby Park.  Money is being collected for a memorial tree for Theresa Graziano.  Sasha suggested planting it during Fall Festival.  Nancy will meet with Shane for location and species. Marion reminded us that  Artic, that makes the plaques, is up for sale.  


FLOWERS: flowers were picked up Friday, May 13 by  Terry, John, and Nancy  at the greenhouse.  Donisue and Toni helped plant at the parks.  


 IRON WORKS PLANTER ORDER: 6 bases and 4 planters were picked up for Ibsen Law, Custom Upholstery, BBB, HappyDSM, Green State Credit Union, and Holy Trinity on May 11.  John and Mike helped with unloading.  2 of the planters were inadvertently sold to someone else.  Iron Works will get them made ASAP. Green State and Holy Trinity will get the 2 planters when ready. 


URBANDALE MEDIAN: Mary Ellen volunteered to prune roses at sign.  One of the roses is dead.  Should be replaced.  Nancy sprayed weeds and grass in new bed at east end of Urbandale median.  Have alyssum to plant from city and Toni has sedum to spot in.   Nancy and Mary Ellen will pick up trash in median on a regular basis.  Mowers were seen picking up trash during first mow and city picked up branches.  Still one dead crabapple in median.


SCRUB: scheduled for May 21 at River Place, volunteers are needed for two shifts.  Sasha and Nancy are volunteering.


OTHER: Fareway to open in June, attractive fence with brick pillars around parking lot.  Wondered if there will be outdoor seating.  Scooters at Beaver and Douglas questionable.  Request for outdoor seating requires public restroom which is not in plan.  Riordan Pet Hospital is building in empty lot across Douglas. 


NEXT MEETING: June 21 at 6:30, hopefully in person or via Zoom.

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