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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Beaverdale Beautification Committee meeting 5/16/23


Attending: Nancy Dunbar, Donisue Rupp, Marion Wissler, John Waters Terry Thielen,Toni Hayes, Barb Mullins, Carole Betts, Sasha Kamper


PARKS:   Ashby - Toni reported two flower beds look good but bed by pool - will contact Julie Hempel at Parks for recommendations.    Beaverdale - there is a new sign saying renovation work on woods has started.  Westchester - roses have been pruned.  Witmer - no info.  Bel-Air & Palm Ave. islands - John has done cleanup, may need to fill spaces.


TREES:  A memorial tree was planted in the Urbandale median between 38th & 36th for Eugene Buckmiller May 13th.  Terry will water with buckets placed next to tree. There will be a dedication n Ashby Park for Sasha’s dad’stree on June 3rd at 10 AM. Carole will continue to water Theresa’s tree this season.  Tom Vlassis tree and Mary Lou’s have been watered for 2 seasons and should be OK unless we have drought conditions.  Neighbors will continue to water Marv’s tree. 


URBANDALE AVE MEDIAN: Nepeta looks good at intersection. Alyssum has been ordered for the bed near 34th St - will watch for new seedlings to appear. Nancy & Mary Ellen will continue to walk the median on a regular basis to collect trash. 


FLOWER PICK UP AND PLANTING: Pick up is scheduled for May 19th at 11:45 AM. Nancy, Terry, and John will pick up plants. Planting to follow at 1:30 in the parks starting at Beaverdale..


SCRUB: is scheduled for May 20 7AM - 1 PM, volunteers will be needed


2023 GARDEN WALK: Scheduled for June 10, 9am - 3pm. 40 posters are ready to distribute - everyone signed up to deliver a few to various businesses. Tickets have been designed by Kate and 510 are being printed.  A new banner has been ordered.  Yard signs will be updated with stickers.  All work being done by Vital Signs. . Committed gardens: Toni Hayes, Mary Ellen/Fred Burr, Sean Bagnewski, Calvin Community, Dan/Sarah Fillius, Jeremy Lewis. Jean has scheduled volunteers, mostly 2 per shift. Sasha and Carole were added.  John Holtorf will take photos. Photos are provided to gardeners after event and for use on Garden Walk Facebook page.  Discussion about creating a driveby scavenger hunt for tree carvings resulted in a decision to try to turn it into an event for next year and try to get social media help involved.


STREETSCAPE: need to monitor and document maintenance with photos this season.


COMMUNICATION TO NEW MEMBERS: Nancy will continue to send letter to new members interested in Beautification to recruit new volunteers


NEXT MEETING: June 20th at 6:30 at 6336 Hickman Rd.  

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