Beautification Committee Minutes 11-15-22

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Friday, December 2, 2022

Beaverdale Beautification Committee meeting 11/15/22


Attending: Nancy Dunbar, Donisue Rupp, Jean Swanson, Marion Wissler, Terry Thielen, Jean Swanson, Toni Hayes


PARKS:  All annuals have been removed from the park beds by the city.


TREES: Buckets can be removed from the trees that are being watered.  A tree has been planted in Ashby Park for Sasha’s dad close to the parking lot.  Two new trees have been planted there, not sure of the varieties.


STREETSCAPE: Winter greenery has been installed in streetscape planters by Boesens. Nancy will followup again with CeCe about contacting Tom about the streetscape maintenance.  Have not heard anything. Do not want to jeopardize Boesen’s support of Garden Walk. 


2023 GARDEN WALK: Scheduled for June 10, 9am - 3pm. A request for gardens was in the recent Sidewalk.  Committed gardens: Toni Hayes, Mary Ellen/Fred Burr, Sean Bagnewski.  Tim/Grace St. Claire & Vivienne Watrous said next time.  Other possible gardens: 

Kristine Higdon, Angela Lawrence, Kris Sutton, Beth Wilson,, Vicki Tow, Linda O’Meara, 38th St. rain garden, Westminster Refugee Garden, Franklin Community Gardens. Driveby tree carvings: Giraffe-Vivienne Watrous on Raymond Dr, Terrier-4023 Franklin. Bulldog-2831 46th St.,Owl-2119 40th Place, Gnome-Beavercrest, Beaver-4038 Adams, Eagle- Adams,  


2023 BUDGET: approved as presented, will be sent to Jay


COMMUNICATION TO NEW MEMBERS; Toni and Terry will work on message to be sent to new/renewing members indicating interest in Beautification Committee


NEXT MEETING: Annual Dinner - January 17th, 6:00 PM at Christophers, Nancy will arrange reservation.

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