Beautification Committee Minutes 10-18-22

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Monday, October 31, 2022

Beaverdale Beautification Committee meeting 10/18/22


Attending: Nancy Dunbar, Carole Betts, Donisue Rupp, Jean Swanson, Marion Wissler, Terry Thielen


PARKS:  The annuals have been removed from the park beds by the city except for Ashby where mums were planted for the fall. They might be removed this week after the freeze.


TREES: Carole is watering the new memorial tree planted for Theresa at least twice a week. Nancy and Terry are watering other memorial trees including Tom Vlassis, Mary Lou Bradley.  Neighbors are taking care of Marv’s. Watering should continue until the ground freezes. May need to purchase new buckets next year as the mowers broke the bucket at Mary Lou’s tree.  Sasha will let us know when the Friends of DM Parks will plant the tree for her dad so we can do a ceremony.


FLOWERS:  Flower order was submitted by Toni to the city for next spring..


FALL CLEANUP: Flower beds in the parks already done.  Will leave alyssum in place at 34th St. to self seed and leave nepeta in place until spring at the intersection..


URBANDALE MEDIAN: The new Knockout rose has been doing well.  Nancy has been watering weekly..  Nancy and Mary Ellen are picking up trash in median on a regular basis. 


STREETSCAPE: CeCe said she would contact Tom about the streetscape maintenance.  Have not heard anything. Do not want to jeopardize Boesen’s support of Garden Walk.


2023 GARDEN WALK: Scheduled for June 10, 9am - 3pm. Put another request for gardens in the next Sidewalk.  Committed gardens: Toni Hayes, Mary Ellen/Fred Burr, Sean Bagnewski.  Nancy has contacted :Tim/Grace St. Claire, Vivienne Watrous.  Other possible gardens: Kris Sutton, Beth Wilson,, Vicki Tow, Linda O’Meara, 38th St. rain garden, 2721 47th St, Westminster Refugee Garden, Franklin Community Gardens, driveby tree carvings. Discussed whether to continue to have businesses sell tickets for us or go online using Eventbrite.  No decision.


NEXT MEETING: Nov 15th, 6:30 PM at 6336 Hickman Rd. or will Zoom if weather is poor.  


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