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Monday, April 29, 2024

Board of Directors Minutes

February 1, 2024

Location: Fishman Law Firm


In attendance:

Officers: President Marcus Coenen, Treasurer Jay Cox-Kozel, Secretary Nicholas Mertes

Board: Eddie Fishman, Craig Vandeventer, Derek Self, Kylie Spies, Therese Herold

Guests: Josh Nelson, Jesse Coleman, Hunter Gillum (Beaverdale Books)


  1. Call to Order at 7:00 pm – Marcus Coenen
  2. Approval of Agenda: Motion carried with one update, Mike Simonson unable to attend
  • Approval of December meeting minutes (no January board meeting): Motion carried
  1. Treasurer’s Report and monthly financials.
    1. Review and approval of December financials- motion carried
    2. January financials not yet finalized
  2. Public Comment
    1. Hunter Gillum, owner of Beaverdale Books- Store is taking over Des Moines Book Festival scheduled for October 19th. Requesting BNA partnership to handle donations as a 501(c)3 org. Mike Kamper is aware, no concerns, Hunter will also help track donations.
    2. Motion to approve fiduciary role for BNA, carried.
  3. 2024 Budget
    1. Updated version circulated this week with year end actuals updated. Recommend amending resolution for Beaverdale Bluegrass Festival spending to $30,600 in order to match proposed budget.
    2. Motion to approve amended resolution for Bluegrass, carried
    3. Motion to approve 2024 budget, carried.
  • City of Des Moines- Block Party trailer donation request
    1. City intends to develop a program with a “Block Party trailer” containing everything needed for neighborhoods/communities to host a block party (e.g. tables, chairs, water cooler, grill, games, cleaning and safety supplies). Neighborhoods would reserve the trailer and use for setup/hosting.
    2. City requesting $200 from each neighborhood association. Proposal to donate $200 plus additional $400 in additional support. Motion carried
  • Succession planning
    1. Will need to elect officers in February annual meeting as Marcus terming off of board. Officer slate: Dave Busiek - President; Nicholas Mertes - Vice President; Treasurer - Jay Cox Kozel; Secretary – Craig VandeVenter
    2. Dave and Marcus will meet soon to facilitate handoff.
  1. Other business
    1. Website work continues
    2. Instagram and Facebook accounts- not clear on who/how many people have access. Will clear out completely and assign to limited group.
  2. Meeting adjourned at 7:41

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